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New Year Party Winners!

Bondi Bon Voyage NYE at bondi beach Swiss Grand Hotel

Huge Congrats to Loren Seskin and Vix Erber (our very own Bondi fitness guru from Bondi Vixen and Mama Moves!) who have won 2 tickets each to the Cream Tangerine New Year Parties!! Sorry if you missed out – there will be other opportunities for tickets and special offers throughout the year. Sign up to [...]

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Win New Year Party Tix!!

Bondi Bon Voyage NYE at bondi beach Swiss Grand Hotel

WIN!!! New Year Party Tickets! Only a few days left so get your entry in now. Win tickets to Cream Tangerine’s Bon Voyage 2011 NYE and Wrecked NYD parties on the deck of the Swiss Grand Hotel with comp drinks, canapes, bands, DJs and fireworks. Entries close Friday 30 December. Fun! Just Like us and enter your [...]

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To grinch or give…

I Want Coins, street art at bondi beach, sydney, nsw, australia, andy solo

Are Australians a generous gaggle of givers or a stingy group of grinches? During the silly season of big-time buying, do we think of those less fortunate? It seems we do! I’m clearly not the only one giving piglets and piles of poo as gifts (via Oxfam and ChildFund, you understand). And we’re not only [...]

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Bondi Backstreets

Backstreet Seat at bondi beach, sydney nsw, australia, picture by andy solo

The sun will come to Bondi Beach for summer. Some time. I’m pretty sure. In the meantime, there’s plenty more to explore. I can honestly say, my favourite local walking route, which I do at least once or twice daily, is around our vibrant village. Not the beach promenade or along the coast, but winding [...]

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Sam de Brito: Off the cuff

Sam de Brito sydney blogger at bondi beach australia

Sam de Brito: Off the cuff with Sydney’s best-known blogger The “All Men are Liars” blogger and author talks Aussie men, women, life challenges and local buzz in Sydney, By John Davidson 19 Dec 2011, Blogger and author Sam de Brito knows Sydney better than most. The man behind the award-winning Sydney Morning Herald blog, “All [...]

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Looking to the future

Bondi Boats at bondi beach, sydney, nsw, australia, andy solo

Bondi Beach has a hairy history. She’s seen floods and fire, riots, submarine attacks, gang violence, bikini wars and gay gang murders. These days the most horrifying events seem limited to serious sunburn, parking problems and escalating house prices. As we look to the future, will the irrefutable gentrification of Bondi Beach result in a [...]

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Butcher’s new hook

La Macelleria Italian Butcher at bondi beach sydney nsw australia

A fresh slice … (left) Robert Marchetti and Erik Jansson. Photos: Marco Del Grande. A chef’s dream comes true at this Bondi meat emporium. Rob Marchetti spreads his legs and plants his feet firmly on his Italian tiled floor as he describes La Macelleria, his new Bondi meat-by-the-beach store, as a ”third millennium butchery”. Marchetti, [...]

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Garage Sale Success

Garage Sale Trail Founders Awarded at bondi beach sydney nsw australia

Thinking local goes global: Garage Sale Trail awarded. What started out as a Bondi community garage sale has spread nationwide – and now the people behind Garage Sale Trail have been recognised at the Oscars of the sustainability world. Darryl Nichols, Andrew Valder and the Republic for Everyone organisation were awarded an International Green Award [...]

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Bondi Bleak

bleak weather at bondi, bondi beach, sydney nsw australia

Brrrrrr …. Stephanie Nomchong shelters her dog Georgie from the unusual December cold weather at Bondi. We’ve had Christmas in July – now it feels more like July at Christmas as Sydney’s unseasonable cool snap continues. For the second day in a row temperatures in Sydney failed to reach 20C, with yesterday reaching a top of 19C [...]

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Ocean Pacifika Festival

Ocean Pacifika Festival, Polynesian Smile at bondi, bondi beach, sydney, nsw

Some events at bondi beach are mind blowing (hello Shore Thing), some are wonderfully artful (we miss you already Sculpture by the Sea) and some just hit right at the core of community. The Ocean Pacifika Festival, as part of Ocean Care Day, is one such celebration that makes you just plain proud to be [...]

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Breakfast on Bondi

Breakfast Vista, Breakfast on Bondi, at bondi, bondi beach, sydney, nsw, australia

I was very much looking forward to getting up at the crack of dawn for Breakfast on Bondi yesterday but, alas, like a typical local I stayed up til the wee hours of morning with friends and slept in. By the time I made it down to the sand at a tardy 8am, the violins [...]

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Burning Man in Bondi

Burning Man, movie set in Bondi Beach, bondi, sydney, nsw, australia

“Sex, swearing, car crashes, flames and fast-paced kitchen scenes that make episodes of Master Chef feel like gruelling single shot Russian realism flow thick and fast in the first act of Burning Man, a ballsy must-see Australian drama centred around an emotionally haunted English chef living in Bondi Beach”. Luke Buckmaster. Apparently featuring stunning cinematography by Gary Phillips, I can’t wait [...]

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Bondi Beach Book!

Glorious Spring Day Bondi Beach, at bondi, bondi beach, sydney, nsw, australia, andy solo

If you’re a lover of Books, Blurb and Bondi Beach (the letter B is SO hot right now) check out my new book: Bondi Beach: Spring 2011! No, its not an ebook. Although you can browse through it online so, technically, yes maybe, its an ebook. But its mainly a real book you can order [...]

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Fabulous Kite Fest

Kite Funk, Festival of the Winds event, Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Not in my wildest of wacky dreams would I have thought my first at bondi post would be serving up satisfaction statements about Waverley Council. But here goes… 1. The Festival of the Winds yesterday was an absolute corker 2. Those council folk in fluro orange sure know how to clean a beach. On my 6am jog [...]

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