archives: March 2012

Bondi for Kids

Bondi Kids, girl on scooter, at bondi, bondi beach, sydney, nsw, australia, andy solo

We’re all big kids in Bondi, as evidenced by the number of ‘toys’ around town. Surfboards, skateboards, scooters, balls, bikes and kites are strewn everywhere. And that’s just at our place. There’s plenty of free fun in the sun for the little moppets but there’s also a host of more organised classes, clubs and capers. [...]

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Bondi to Bali

Bali Girl, Bali, Indonesia, by andy solo

There are many similarities between Bondi Beach and Bali. There are beaches, tourists, shops and cafes. Community, art, surf and scenery. There’s a magical mix of laid-back lifestyle and energetic buzz. And there’s a problem with parking. But there are a whole lot of differences as well. And that’s the wonder of travel. If it’s time for [...]

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Bondi Gifts & Goodies

Made with Love, camilla, shop, shopping at bondi, bondi beach, sydney, nsw, australia, andy solo

Research undertaken recently likened a person’s physiological stress response (heart racing, endorphins, increased blood presuure) of being in a large shopping centre to that of witnessing a multi-car road accident. Or something like that. (The exact results were hard to find due to the number of websites about stress with shopping carts). My point is…don’t [...]

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Shop Talk

bondi fashion shopping atbondi, bondi beach, bondi, sydney, nsw, australia, andy solo

12 March 2012 The latest, greatest (or not) changes to our little shopping strips in Bondi Beach… - Funky Femme has boxed up their goods and hung their CLOSED sign. – The old CM Store on O’Brien St is to become “Mad Pizza Bondi Beach”. – Abode has finally moved across Hall street to their new, [...]

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Real Estate Dreaming

Bondi Deco Dream house at bondi, atbondi, bondi beach, sydney, nsw, australia, andy solo

I’m not exaggerating when I say I could happily waste an entire day looking at real estate online. Specifically finding the perfect property in Bondi Beach. At the moment there are 82 alluring options in our “stunning seaside enclave”. These include an affordable studio for our son, penthouses for executive rental, a block of 8 [...]

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