archives: August 2012

Win Barre Attack!

Win a 5 class pass for Barre Attack at Bondi Beach at Balance Moves

Thanks to our fit and fabulous friends at Bondi’s Balance Moves, one lucky reader will win a 5-class Barre Attack pass worth $125. Created by former professional ballerina, Renee Scott, Barre Attack fuses Pilates, Dance and Fitness to create sexy body confidence (and hopefully a toosh as featured in the image!).   This competition is now [...]

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Bondi Spring

Silk Sail flower kite at Festival of the Winds at Bondi Beach Sydney

Wahoooo! Spring starts this week. It’s my favourite time of the year for so many reasons. Spring boasts both Bondi’s driest month (September) and the month with the most sunshine hours per day – here’s to you November! Long sunny days, fresh ocean breezes and brilliant blue skies. Bondi perfection. Spring also features three of [...]

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Win Theatre Tix!

I Want to Sleep with Tom Stoppard theatre by Toby Smith at Bondi Beach by Tamarama Rock Surfers

Win a double pass to Bondi theatre! Thanks to our fab friends at Tamarama Rock Surfers, one lucky person will win a double pass to edgy new theatre at the Bondi Pavilion –  I Want to Sleep with Tom Stoppard. Rock Surfers Artistic Director, Leland Kean, joins considerable forces with old friend and collaborator, award winning playwright Toby [...]

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Bondi Parking

No parking garage sign at Bondi Beach Sydney NSW pic by Andy Solo

I’m a hyper-vigilant, sign-scouring, minute-counting parking PRO when it comes to resting my wheels in our seaside suburb. Even so, I reckon I pay the salaries of at least 3 Council employees by way of parking fees and fines. I think we’re all blatantly aware that, besides the beach, parking is the most popular topic [...]

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Shop Talk August

Bondi Shop Talk August at bondi beach, sydney, nsw, australia, pic by andy solo

Alrighty. It’s been a few weeks since the local Bondi biz update and it seems quite a bit has changed, as always. Here’s just the things I’ve noticed on my wanderings:   – Camilla is closed for renovations. Can’t wait to see how she can improve on the space. – The Favourite Child café on [...]

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Win $100 of Mad Pizza

Mad Pizza Giveaway for $100 dining voucher at Bondi Beach Sydney NSW

Win $100 of Italian fare at Mad Pizza Thanks to our fab friends at Mad Pizza, one lucky reader this week will win a $100 voucher for a top Italian dining experience. Mad Pizza offers a magnificent range of superthin and healthy pizzas with your traditional faves plus a range of fresh creative masterpieces. Oh! [...]

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Bondi Italiano

Italian restaurant setting at Mad Pizza at Bondi Beach Sydney NSW pic by Andy Solo

Bondi Beach is a marvellous mish mash of colour and culture. Our seaside suburb has attracted people from all walks of life over the years but the post war immigration days drew a large amount of migrants from a few specific cultures. One such group were the Italians. Bravo! They were the main labourers involved [...]

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Win $117 of Truly Tea!

Truly Tea Giveaway competition with tea prizes

One of the sumptuous stalls at the Bondi Farmers Markets is Truly Tea – purveyors of premium boutique, hand-blended teas, tisanes & stunning teaware. Back by popular demand, one lucky person will win a Truly Tea pack with a gorgeous glass teapot, 2 glass teacups and a tin of Lemongrass & Ginger loose leaf tea [...]

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Bondi Dreaming

Bondi Carvings indigenous history and at bondi beach sydney,nsw, australia, pic by andy solo

On 9 August we celebrate the International Day of the World’s Indigenous People. The theme this year is “Indigenous Media, Empowering Indigenous Voices”. And this is a form of Media. And a Voice. And Empowerment is cool. So I’m running with the theme. Now I’m not Indigenous (small detail) but I think I’ve previously alluded [...]

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