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Welcome to the Advertising page. You’re possibly my new best friend.

I’m not sure there’s too many people who would admit to loving website advertising but I’m putting it out there – I think it can add depth, colour and interest for viewers. And, best of all, it can offer them goods, services, competitions, special deals, information, event news or even inspiration (I recently started booking a trip to WA when I saw a gorgeous whale shark swimming around in a sidebar advertising box).

Having said that, people who love bondi beach are a savvy lot who don’t want a daily dose of ugly, irrelevant and tacky touting.

That’s why our advertising space is subtle, limited and only available to quality suppliers with appropriate content.


Media Kit

Find out more about advertising options in our atbondi Media Kit 2013.



I love a win-win situation. Through sponsorship, I get to develop the site to its full potential (and eat three square meals a day) and you gain exposure and branding alignment with a vibrant, world-famous dream destination.


Where do I sign?!

Whether you’re considering a weekly fling, quarterly commitment or lasting partnership with, contact me directly at or use the form below. Thanks…

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