Bondi Beach Dwellers

Group of people on the promenade at Bondi Beach Sydney NSW pic by Andy Solo

Who are we?

Deep, I know. But really. Who resides within the walls of the 6105 private dwellings in Bondi Beach?

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting Census data releases for the past year, you can head here for the full details of our seaside suburb as at August 2011.

Or digest it right here in bite size chunks…

- 10,748 residents (10,171 5 years ago)

- 48.5% female

- 2260 families

- average age 33

- 7.8% aged 65+

- 25.2% married

- 28.9% studying

- 47.3% born in Australia

- 31.1% no religion (all NSW: 17.9%)

- 68.7% English only spoken at home

- $1,050 weekly income (all Australia: $577)

- 22.1% did 5-14 hrs unpaid housework a week

- 54.7% are couples with no kids (all Australia 37.8%)

- 30.9% are couples with kids (all NSW 45.5%)

- 1.6 kids per family (uneasy to think about, yes?)

And if demographic stats aren’t your thing (why ever not?), then check out some of the actual local folk and the places they recommend to shop, eat and play… read more here.

Yours in statistical fascination…

x andy

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