Bondi Dreaming

Bondi Carvings indigenous history and at bondi beach sydney,nsw, australia, pic by andy solo

On 9 August we celebrate the International Day of the World’s Indigenous People.

The theme this year is “Indigenous Media, Empowering Indigenous Voices”. And this is a form of Media. And a Voice. And Empowerment is cool. So I’m running with the theme.

Now I’m not Indigenous (small detail) but I think I’ve previously alluded to a personal and family history with Aboriginal Australians. I feel a connection. Always have.

And Bondi Beach is a wonderful place to explore connections with our First People.

Indigenous Australians were still present in Bondi Beach in the late 1800s and there are many remnants of their time here – such as the rock carving in the photo which can be found up beside the cliff at the Bondi golf course. You can also read the incredible 100+ page Waverley Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Study to find out more.

It includes little tidbits such as the fact that Bondi’s Ben Buckler is the whitey version of the Aboriginal name ‘Benbuckalong’. Hands up if you assumed Ben Buckler was an early British explorer or Mayor or something boring. I say we go with the original name – say it to yourself now – Benbuckalong – it’s awesome.

Head here for more homegrown history.

Yours in Aboriginal Alliteration…

And who knew ‘Alliteration’ started with an A and not an I?

And while we’re still (just) on the topic of Indigenous people, here’s a great alliteration in Swahili: Wale wanawake wawili waliula wali wa liwali wao (those two brides ate the rice of their confidants).

Isn’t the world a marvellous place.

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