Bondi Flashback 1911

bondi castle pavilion history at Bondi Beach,Sydney NSW

The first Bondi Pavilion was affectionately known to locals as The Castle, or The Castle Pavilion because of its whimsical fairytale-like turrets. Its official name was the Bondi Surf Sheds.

Despite its pretty appearance the building was, in reality, simply a dressing shed, a private place to get in and out of your swimming costume which was built by Council to stop the increasingly common practise of swimmers (mainly male swimmers) changing on the beach in full view of the public. (A sad waste of money if you ask me!).

The Castle Pavilion had a short life span, however, with the order for its demolition carried out on 6 June 1928. More on the Bondi Pavilion over the years here.

Source: excerpts above taken from Bondi Pavilion: a short history.


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