Bondi Four-legged Friends

Walking a happy dog along the promenade at Bondi Beach, Sydney

One of the wackiest ways to spend your time in Tokyo is in a cat café (trust me).

Yep. Due to the high number of apartment dwellers and their penchant for cute fluffy things, Tokyoites spend big bikkies for the privilege of lounging in a room with 10 or so cats.

So this week I’d like to pay respects to the cats and dogs of Bondi Beach. I’m so grateful you can prance along the promenade in the fresh ocean air in our gorgeous seaside suburb instead of being couped up in a kooky city café.

If you lack feline or canine company like me, I hope you enjoy these pics of our local leggy set. And if you’re lucky enough to own a furry friend, here’s where to get your local supplies and services…

Bondi Veterinary Hospital

Bondi Junction Veterinary Hospital

Bowhouse Bondi

The Dandy Dog

Yours in prancing pooches… x andy

(perhaps the pooch in the papoose below isn’t the prancing type?)

Beach Pooch poodle dog at Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW pic by Andy SoloBondi Fetch dogs running at the park in Bondi Beach NSWMan and his dog playing soccer down at Bondi Beach, SydneyHappy Cat sitting in the sun on a window sill at Bondi BeachDainty Dog puppy sitting happily at a cafe at Bondi Beach SydneyPapoose Pooch dog in a carrier at Bondi Beach

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