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Bondi gold sunset view of the beach and village in Sydney NSW pic by Andy Solo

Bondi seems to be in a flurry of flux at the moment.

In fact my whole centre of gravity shifted today when I read the sign on the door of Alex the Barber announcing his retirement after nearly 50 years of service on Glenayr Avenue.

His old school shop is replete with faded photos, vintage hydrolic chair and swirly red & white barber’s pole and, though I’m a huge proponent of change, I don’t want to see this pole go.

(Side note… it represents bloody bandages wrapped around a pole because during medieval times barbers cut hair, performed surgery and did tooth extractions. Eeew).

As much as I love the barber shop though, nobody I know has ever been there. In fact, I’m shortly booking in for a haircut at the swanky new Franck Provost French salon on Hall St.

Similarly, I bought something once from the old Hall St hardware store but have frequented the Hardware Café too many times to count since it opened not long ago.

So what of Bondi’s future?

Everybody seems to have an opinion via Council’s 10-year Plan of Management… year-round volleyball, creative innovation hub, unearthing indigenous artefacts, light rail, winter marketing and parking parking parking! Read it all here and have your say too.

No matter what happens, I’m confident Bondi will be able to retain its beachside character; laidback lifestyle; community bonds; welcoming outlook and wonderful village charm.

And I’m pretty sure the sun will keep on shining.

Yours in chop and change…

x andy

Bondi Barber Alex Poulos sign in his shop on Glenayr Ave Bondi Beach pic by Andy SoloBondi woman with coffee walking through Bondi Beach Sydney NSW pic by Andy Solo


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