Bondi Good Times

Bondi Good Times people having fun at events at Bondi Beach Sydney pic by Andy Solo

Sydney was once again selected as a leading global Event City this year.

Technically, we were one of five chosen in the annual IFEA World Festival & Event City Awards that “recognize the best in community leadership and festival and event partnerships around the world.”

We won last year but were pipped at the post by Dubai this time around.

New York wasn’t in the final and neither were Tokyo, Paris or other sizeable cities (which makes my cynical side think we’re probably also finalists in “The City Most Dedicated to Entering Random Competitions”).

Either way, we do put on a good show and I think Bondi must contribute significantly to our award-winning reputation as it takes a good chunk of time each week just updating the local event calendar.

Head here for the full annual listing of Bondi Beach events or click here for the good times on the near horizon.

Yours in festival fun & frivolity…

x andy

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