Harmony Week 2013

Peachy Couple strolling along the sand at Bondi Beach Sydney NSW pic by Andy Solo

We celebrate  Harmony  Week  every  year  to  highlight  the  diversity  in  our  community. Harmony Week helps  to  highlight  the United  Nations  Day  for  the  Elimination  of  Racism,  which  is  held  on 21  March  each  year.  This  day  has  become  known  as  Harmony  Day  and  over  the  years  has expanded  to become  Harmony  Week!

This  year’s  theme  for  Harmony  Week  is  Many  Stories  -­  One  Australia and  Waverley  Council  will  be supporting  a  number  of  programs  in  our  local  community.  We encourage  our  community  members  to  get involved  in  the  spirit  of  Harmony  Week  to  celebrate our  differences,  our  stories  and  our  belonging.

Many  Stories  -­  One  Australia

This  event,  organised  by  Waverley  Council,  City  East  Community  College,  MTC  Work  Solutions and  Echo Neighbourhood  Centre,  is  now  in  its  second  year.

Visit  Mill  Hill  Centre  Courtyard  at  31-­33  Spring  St,  Bondi  Junction  between  10am  and 1pm for a  fun  day  filled  with  music,  dance,  information  stalls,  BBQ  and  displays  from  the  students from  the local  Adult  Migrant  English  Program  and  Language,  Literacy  and  Numeracy  Program. Friends  of Waverley  Library  will  also  be  holding  a  second  hand  book  stall  with  books  in languages  other  than English.

Deliciously  Diverse

Bondi  Junction  celebrates  Harmony  Week  with  26   local  restaurants  and  market  providers offering  a special  lunchtime  meal  deal  for  under  $15  from  Monday  18  March  -­  Friday  22 March.  This  is  a  great opportunity  to  grab  your  work  friends  and  visit  a  Deliciously Diverse restaurants  you  haven’t been  to  before!

Saltwater  People  of  the  Fatal  Shore  -­  Sydney’s  Southern  Beaches

Waverley  Library  will  be  hosting  a  talk  with  John  Ogden,  author  of  Saltwater  People  of the  Fatal  Shore  -­ Sydney’s  Southern  Beaches,  on  Thursday  21  March  at  6pm.  Entry  is  $5 which  includes  a  glass  of  wine and  nibbles.

How  to  Draw  Ghosts

The  Bondi  Pavilion  is  exhibiting  How  to  Draw  Ghosts  by  Damien  Broomhead  between  19  -­  31 March daily  from  10am-­5pm.  This  exhibition  is  the  fourth  installment  in  a  series  of colourful oil  pastel  drawings depicting  scenes  from  the  first  years  of  the  Sydney  colony  and  focusing on  the  interactions  between British  and  the  Indigenous  people  of  the  Sydney  region.

More  information

For  further  information  about  our  Harmony  Week  program,  please  contact  Joanne  Harney  via email joanneh@waverley.nsw.gov.au  or  phone  9386  7923.


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