Bondi Harmony…

Woman wearing a hijab on Bondi Beach, Harmony Day, Sydney NSW pic Andy Solo

It’s Harmony Day this Thursday 21st March.

It’s a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home, from the traditional owners of this land to those who have come from many countries around the world.

Bondi Beach has always had a history of welcoming people from different backgrounds – in fact only 47.3% of residents were born in Australia. FYI, The most common countries of birth are England 9.0%, New Zealand 4.3%, Ireland 2.5%, South Africa 2.2% and the USA 1.5%.

Harmony Week also offers a chance to take another look at our Indigenous history and progress towards true reconciliation. There are 46 Bondi Beach residents who identify as being Aboriginal Australians (as per the 2011 Census) and I hope they feel truly respected and a vital part of our community.

To get in the spirit, check out the wonderful new exhibition at the Bondi Pavilion Gallery by Damian Broomhead, How to Draw Ghosts, that depicts early interactions between the British and the Indigenous inhabitants of the Sydney region.

Or head to Australia’s oldest (and best) Aboriginal art gallery, Coo-ee, to see some of the most outstanding established and emerging artistic talents in the country.

There’s also a number of great Harmony Day events in the area, including Deliciously Diverse, featuring 26 restaurants offering meals for $15 and under from Mon 18 – Fri 22 March.

Or head here  for your chance to sample some of the finest international food in Bondi Beach – for free!

Yours in happy harmony… x andy


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