Bondi Icebergs Pop Up

Icebergs Terrace Organic Pop Up Cafe at Bondi Beach Sydney NSW

Pondering where to have brekkie? by Jana Hocking

It’s Saturday morning and you are pondering where to have breakfast?? You’re not feeling like anything too crazy but you are craving a really good coffee, something to eat that tastes like it’s home made and a view wouldn’t be bad either.

Well, I am happy to tell you I have found the perfect place for you… and I’m not going to lie, I may have spent the last three mornings gracing it’s doorway.. and it has nothing to do with the super hot barrister with the nose ring.. well.. ok, maybe a little, but even if he wasn’t there I would totes still go!!

The place I am talking about is the ahh-maze Iceberg’s Pop Up Terrace Cafe at Bondi. It is located on the small terrace adjacent to the Southern end of Icebergs and the view is beyond anything you have ever seen. Who doesn’t want to start the morning overlooking the ocean, sitting in the gorgeous sun?? Seriously, it feels like you are on a Greek Island.

The layout of the popup bar is designed to make the most of the view over looking Bondi in a super comfy, non-stuffy way. There are cute bar stools to sit on, a couple of tiny tables that hold some cutlery and sugar for your coffee and the barricades overlooking the ocean are see-through just in case you are too lazy to look over the top.

The first morning we went to check it out there was a range of organic (don’t forget it’s Bondi!) slices, tasty wraps and freshly squeezed juices in glass bottles to choose from. That morning I chose the spiced date, ricotta, banana and coconut bread with extra butter. It was so delicious I wished I had ordered another piece.

The second morning we arrived to freshly made pancetta wraps with egg, rocket, and some form of mexican salsa. All intentions of getting the date bread again were thrown out the window for this yummy wrap, and it did not disappoint.

They serve fresh coconuts and coffee’s that have been made to perfection, there is honestly nothing bad I can say about this gorgeous cafe.

If you feel like trying something new, and want to make the most of the sun before it hides behind a winter chill. Go check it out. You WON’T be disappointed!! Make sure you say hi to the fabulous owner Maurice Terzini, he is surprisingly lovely, and you can’t miss him in his white overalls.

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Reviewer Jana Hocking at Bondi Beach


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