Bondi Kids Away!

School Time, Sydney, NSW, Australia, by andy solo

I love spending time with kids. Really I do. But how good is school?

Who else has been excitedly unpacking uniforms, sewing labels, shopping for lunchbox-friendly food and buying new stationery (and ALL this just late yesterday afternoon) because school started TODAY?!

For those of you without children (or even if you do), head here to see how you can win a double pass to Bondi Openair Cinemas.

For those with whippersnappers, here’s a stack of great local options outside of school hours (or before they start) to get your kids engaged, fit, happy, healthy (and, let’s face it, entertained by someone else too!).


Martial Arts

Capoeira for Kids & Toddlers,

Kyokushin Karate,

ROOTS Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,

Shinbukan Ninjitsu & Karate,

Shotokan Karate,

Sydney Aikido,

Tae Kwon Do,


Art, Music & Dance

Action Atelier Theatre

Art ‘N’ Move,

Baby Ballet Academy, Bondi Pavilion

Big Steps Little Feet,

Bondi Dance Co,

Bondi Wave Music Course  Bondi Pavilion

Einsteinz Music,


Dein Perry’s Tap Pups,

Tango Chicos,


Sport & Fitness

Let’s Go Surfing,

Bondi Icebergs,

Bondi Standup Paddleboard,

Nipper Intensive Training,


Yours in cool kiddie capers…

x andy


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