Shop Talk Feb 2013

Bondi Boheme and Adina Apartment Hotel at Bondi Beach, Sydney NSW Australia, Andy SoloHome Pics Bondi at Bondi Beach, Sydney NSW Australia, Andy Solo

Bondi Shop Talk – February 2013

Its been a while since I’ve written a Bondi business update but that doesn’t mean things haven’t changed around the traps!

- As you can see above, the Toga Group’s Boheme/Adina development is looking mightily similar to the architectural drawings posted not too long ago. I’m guessing they’re on track for a June 2013 opening.

- On a sadder note, my local fave video store, Home Pics, is closing down at the end of the month. They’ve clearly channelled all their love and creativity into their farewell sign – go check it out at 104 Glenayr Ave and pick up a cheap movie library while you’re at it – they’re clearing out all their stock before they go!

- The Travel Café has opened on Glenayr Ave – kick back with a latte while booking London

- Bondi Rumba at 139 Glenayr Ave quickly morphed recently from Room 139. Looks great.

- Greens Café is changing colour with rumour Brown Sugar is opening up there

- Namaste Indian restaurant has opened  at 80 Hall St – keen to check it out, looks delish

-  Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream shop has well and truly settled in on Campbell Parade

-  Sparrow Café tucked away at 45 Gould St is For Lease and seems closed for good

Bondi Princess off Gould St has  closed up shop on account of family and traveling

Sydney Professional Nails are in prime possie on Hall St for  your nail and beauty needs

- Hullubullu Kids Clothing is stripped bare and ready to be leased on Gould St

- The Porch Bread & Wine Parlour has opened at  Ramsgate Ave – all cosy & rustic

- Looks like Afends on Gould St has been rebranded at The Bondi General Store

I’m pretty sure there’s a LOT more changes I haven’t covered. If you have any updates, please shoot them through to me at


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