Bondi Skate

Bondi Skate Park at Dusk with a lone skateboarder in Sydney NSW

I’m not going to pretend I know a lot about skateboarding.

I know its cool. I know its crazy (aka wheels + concrete). I know you can hurt yourself (boy do I know). I know many of the tricks defy biomechanical logic.

It can stop your heart, churn your stomach and leave you holding your breath for too long.

I’ve lived through the broken bones stage of my brother. The mega scabs of my son. And the mad antics of my old-enough-to-know-better husband.

And yet I love it. I can’t help but watch. Like a bird-eating spider documentary, or a car crash scene or that bad show about weird body part surgery (I’m lying – I totally can’t stand to watch that).

I love seeing the camaraderie and backslaps of support. I love that it’s a healthy outlet and bonding sport for energetic youth.

And what a skate park Bondi has.

It hosts regular community and competitive events. And although it’s for capable skaters only, I’ve seen it used and enjoyed by everyone from 2-year-old girls to 60-year-old guys.

If you want to know more: head here for a page on skate events and rules, or here for local skate clubs and lessons and here for an article on local skate legend Poppy Olsen.

Yours in skate respect…

x andy

ps… Apparently the first pic below is of Alex Hayes who the young female audience assured me was “totally famous on facebook”.

Facebook Famous Alex Hayes at Bondi Skate Park Bondi Beach SydneySkate Motion teenage skateboarders at Bondi Skate Park Sydney NSwSkate Posse teenage gang at the Bondi Skate Park Sydney NSWScooter Dude at the Bondi Skate Park Sydney NSWSkate Chick at the Bondi Skate Park Sydney NSWBondi Blue Sky and Skate Park Bowl at the beach Sydney NSW

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