Bondi Up and Away!

Bondi Up and Away at Bondi Beach, Sydney NSW Australia, Andy Solo

Has anybody found this year a little slower to get going than usual?

Don’t get me wrong; I’m busy working away, jogging at the crack of dawn, eating well, out and about, and all the usual stuff. But all this only got into full swing recently (like, yesterday).

So, heading towards Autumn and with a whole, long, fresh year ahead, I’m feeling like booking in a holiday already. Does anybody else do that?

Whether it’s a short road trip, an interstate jaunt or an international extravaganza, I like to have at least something penciled in down the track to give my suitcase a sense of purpose.

I know its ridiculous wanting to leave our beachside paradise for greener pastures but everybody needs a break from there normal routine, no matter how fabulous it is.

So imagine my joy when I discovered a new concept store in Bondi – the Travel Café – with gorgeous furnishings, fine coffee, delicious snacks and everything you need to research and book a holiday!

Head here to win one of 10 Travel Café dining vouchers or head to any of the following local services to sort your travel:


The Travel Cafe, 163 Glenayr Ave

02 9130 1345,


Flight Centre Bondi Beach, 17 Hall St

02 8374 8588,


Gullivers Travel, 139 Curlewis Street

02 9130 3192


Peter Pans Travel, 110 Campbell Parade

02 9365 0790,


Yours, up, up and away… x andy


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