Bondi Valentine

Stick Surf Love street art at Bondi Beach Sydney NSW

Ah, love is in the air…

Or is it?

I’m apparently spending my night at a compulsory school info evening. Totes romantic.

I read from some statistician that the dollar amount spent on our Valentines has officially surpassed the combined perceived total value of our love. He’s clearly not bitter at all.

For those of us lucky enough to have a gorgeous Valentine, I say celebrate. There’s a lot of sadness, loneliness and challenges in the world and research (by a much more upbeat fella) says the energy created from focused positive vibes can have a very real impact on healing, wellbeing and outcomes.

Bet let’s perhaps focus on more meaningful pursuits instead of money. Make a card, take a romantic stroll on the beach, have a dusk picnic in a park, get the kids to do a show on the topic of love if you can’t go out. And if you go out don’t make is stressful. Cheap Thai, a bottle of BYO and a movie (perhaps Silver Linings Playbook instead of Zero Dark Thirty) can be just as enjoyable than spending $300 in a fancy restaurant. Do whatever makes the two of you happy and connected – not what the media has sold as the perfect evening.

Having said that, there’s some pretty great deals in Bondi for a romantic dinner:

The Bucket List – All-day Aphrodisiac Share Platters + Drinks

The Rum Diaries – 4 courses $60 p/p

Chapter One – 4 courses + matching wines $99 p/p

Ravesi’s – 3 courses + flute of Chandon $70 p/p

Brown Sugar – 3 courses + matching wines $80

And we’re lucky enough to have one of the most gorgeous florists in Sydney. Head here.

There’s also some great gift shops in town or, better still, head here for your chance to win a $150 voucher to spend on your Valentine (or, hey, yourself).

And if you’re cynical or single, why not join like-minded folk at an Anti-Valentines Dinner.

And here’s a very funny love letter from local lass, Jana Hocking, to her sweetheart, Bondi…

Dearest Bondi,

Yes, it’s me. I know we had our ‘break’ but I am back and ready for your embrace once again. It has taken some effort, and let’s face it, a pay rise, to return to your shores, but this time I know it is for good. Read more…

Yours, lucky in love… x andy

Peachy Couple strolling along the sand at Bondi Beach Sydney NSW pic by Andy SoloI Heart 2026 stencil by Bondi Beach street artist 2026 at Sydney

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