Bondi Winter Wonderful

Bondi Winter Wonderful, blonde on the beach at Bondi, Sydney NSW Australia, Andy Solo

Anybody else loving life in Bondi right now?

We’re enjoying brilliant blue skies, crisp air, a laidback vibe and shorter coffee queues.

Saturdays at the Bondi Farmers Markets have never been busier with fabulous food stalls alongside a huge lawnful of happy locals lounging on picnic blankets.

I’ve just updated the long list of events on the winter horizon with details for 14 community cultural offerings such as art, theatre, fairs, festivals, awards, music & walks.

One such event is the launch on 22 June of a significant Street Art Mural, celebrating Social Justice for Indigenous Australians at Chapel By The Sea.

On a sad point, the Bondi Ice Rink won’t be running this year on the beach. Something tedious about sponsorship. Let’s hope it’s back again next year…

If you’re up for a fancy weekend or just want a sticky beak, the new Adina Apartment Hotel on Hall St have opened and are offering a special rate from only $159 a night.

And for those who love Bondi, Food and Hunky Bondi Bachelors (aka chef Guy Turland), you can’t get better than Bondi Harvest, a weekly cooking show featuring seasonal recipes and local produce from our very own Bondi Beach. 10/10 from me!

As we head towards EOFY, those of you with big bank balances and/or big hearts, there’s no better way to avoid a tax bill than to give to charity…donate to WAYS here.

For those of you with kiddiewinks wondering what to do in the coming weeks again, there are some great local options on offer at The Bondi Pav School Holiday Program.

There’s also been some big events for some of our local biz. Congrats to PaperPlanes who enjoyed their 1 year anniversary recently. Also to Mamasan who are set to expand their restaurant into the space next door later this week (think Moulin Rouge meets late 20s Shanghai!). And we look forward to seeing what’s on offer when the Adina shops all open…

Yours in winter wonderland … x andy


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