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Young skater at Bondi Beach skate park, Sydney NSW Australia, pic by Andy Solo

Even though there seems to be kids everywhere in Bondi, we only have a third of the national average of tweens and teens (they sure come in droves when they’re older though – we have triple the number of 25-35 years olds).

National Youth Week, for 12-25 year olds, runs from 5-14 April and I say we celebrate the occasion big time for our Bondi Beach youth.

These vibrant village-goers are our future. They’re gutsy and gung-ho. They’re kind and creative. They’re spirited and special.

Our youth face one of the most challenges phases of their lives. They need our support and they deserve our attention. How we treat these amazing individuals will shape how our communities progress (and, in turn, how well they’ll treat us when we lose our aging minds).

There’s many ways you can support youth this week…

Head  to the Bondi Markets this Saturday 6 April for the Bondi Creative Youth Fair and buy some of their creative wares or support their musical talents. Pass on the word to any youth you know about the Bondi Blitz Festival on Saturday 13 April. Or provide extra help for those kids who are doing it tougher than most via WAYS Bondi or Youth Off The Streets.

And if you can’t help on a practical level, how about just focusing on the strengths of our youth – show respect, applaud their efforts and celebrate their spirit during their journey into adulthood. We’ve all been there… (and good on you if you’re still there!!)

Yours in long lost youth… x andy

Young adults, blonde girls at Bondi Beach Sydney AustraliaBondi Skate Youth at Bondi Beach, Sydney NSW Australia, Andy Solo


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