Bowl-a-Rama Wrap

Bowl-r-Rama at Bondi Beach Sydney

Is it just me or does this event just get more and more kick arse every year?

Bowl-a-Rama was perfect in every way… with warm weather, a light cloud cover, cooling breezes, cranking talent, great merch and a brilliant vibe only Bondi Beach can provide. Here’s a little insta-pictorial memorial of what went down (and up) at the bowl…

Bowl-a-Rama instagram pic by Michael Armstrong Bowl-a-Rama instagram pic by Lara Bingle Bowl-a-Rama instagram pic by WeAreNotObscene
Pedro Barros                           Look up!                                  Bowl-a-Rama
@mjaphotos                           @mslbingle (Lara Bingle)        @wearenotobscene (zine)

Bowl-a-Rama instagram pic by Bowl-a-Rama Bowl-a-Rama instagram pic by Poppy Olsen Bowl-a-Rama instagram pic by Andy Solo
Hi Alex (Sorgente)                   Awesome Day                         Bowl-a-Rama at its Best
@bowl_a_rama                       @poppystarr (legendess)       @andysolo (yes me)


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