Dearest Bondi…

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A Letter to My Love…

Dearest Bondi,

Yes, it’s me. I know we had our ‘break’ but I am back and ready for your embrace once again. It has taken some effort, and let’s face it, a pay rise, to return to your shores, but this time I know it is for good.

Oh how I’ve missed our regular coffee outings to Gertrude and Alice café, where we have rummaged through dusty old books until we found a treasure. I’ve pined for our long strolls through Bondi markets, picking up the odd wall print and flowers for my room.

I’ve missed our old trivia nights at North Bondi RSL and our Miss Chu rice paper rolls . You really knew how to wine and dine me.

I’m willing to overlook that you are seeing other people, even those pesky tourists who you know annoy me. I now know that they come part and parcel with you. Hey, everyone has their baggage!

I enjoy your outlook, particularly from the Swiss Grand rooftop, or sharing a comfy chair with you at the Bucket List. Whether it’s the shared Corona on a hot summers day, or a tasty frozen yoghurt on Hall St, you cater to my needs!

Yes you have made me fight for you, particularly when looking for somewhere to park my beach towel on a hot summers day or looking for a car spot when I’m too lazy to walk, but yes I concede I shouldn’t be so lazy. Walking is good for me. See you really do have my best interests at heart.

I love that you cater to my wandering eye. Those Bondi hipsters sure do pull at my heart strings. Whether hanging out at Beach Burrito or selling their goods at random front-lawn sales throughout the area, I never lack for eye candy. Yes, they choose to wear beanies on hot summer days, and they often look slightly homeless and dishevelled, but hey, the heart wants, what the heart wants.

No, you don’t come cheap but with your luscious grassy knoll, heart racing bondi to bronte walking track and frangipani lined streets you know the way to a girls heart.

I admit, that there will be the odd occasion where I have a discreet dalliance with a neighbouring suburb, like Surry Hills for the odd Messina’s Gelato, or Double Bay for a quick espresso Martini, but all in all, you are the one for me.

You’ve stolen my heart dear Bondi, and I look forward to us growing old together!

Big kisses!

Jana x

Jana Hocking is a local writer, totally in love with Bondi… 


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