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Perfect Cup of Coffee at bondi, bondi beach, sydney, nsw, australia

Every morning you’ll notice the bondi locals engaged in devout daily ritual…cupping their hands together in front of them, head bowed, with looks of deep gratification.

Yes folks. The divine relief and joy of the first cup of coffee. The rich brown seed of the gods. You can’t tell me there’s not religious commitment afoot in the streets of bondi beach.

And with such a strong following from locals and visitors alike, there’s plenty of options for your daily cup of perky potion. Some cafes dedicate a full A4 page to their coffee options, install the funkiest retro machines and feature dedicated coffee counters.

There’s plenty of dealers who know you by name so all you have to do is turn up and nod and you’ll be served your favourite brew in mere minutes. A perfect situation for those who can’t manage more than a few grunts before your first latte.

But there’s good coffee and there’s great. Head to the Directory for a list of all your options, check out the current Top 10 local digs for a quality cup or read more in a recent blog on the best local beans, with the top drops grouped by location.