Oh…and breakfast

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Now as much as I LOVE to tuck into some muffins and pastries at the crack of dawn, bondi beach is probably more your place for fresh fare.

With a healthy lifestyle and great array of fresh organic produce from local shops and markets, the standard brekky and brunch is more likely to be poached free-range eggs, smoked salmon and rocket on a dense organic grainy sourdough. Mmmm. Even at 6pm that has my mouth watering.

Some of the local waifs seem to subsist on lattes and oxygen but if you’re a regular human being, there’s also fresh fruit & yoghurt, buckwheat pancakes with berries, omelettes, bircher muesli, banana porridge, eggs benedict or sliced avocado on rye…just to name a few.

There’s cafe-specific specialties, gorgeous courtyards, plenty of alfresco dining, seaside vistas and serious coffee culture to explore in bondi so head here to the Directory to browse your options.