How to Draw Ghosts

Art Exhibition, How to Draw Ghosts by Damian Broomhead at Bondi Pavilion Gallery

This exhibition is the fourth installment in a series of colourful oil pastel drawings depicting scenes from the first years of the Sydney colony and focusing on the interactions between the British and the Indigenous inhabitants of the Sydney region.

These energetic drawings engage with the historical narrative, representing stories and scenes distilled from contemporaneous accounts.

“I’ve called this series ‘How to Draw Ghosts’”, explains Damian Broomhead, “reason being that all the figures represented in the pictures are long gone, yet, although conjured up from scraps of the past, they still have an insistent presence. Given the tragic history of the relations between black and white Australia this is to be expected. Ghosts are not at rest, they are fiercely intent on communication with the living. So it follows that they may well insist on being drawn, perhaps that is why they are such good subjects for this kind of restoration”.


Event Details

How to Draw Ghosts 

by Damian Broomhead

Tue 19 –  Sun 31 March 2013

Bondi Pavilion Gallery

Open daily 10am – 5pm

Admission is free


Contact Details

Bondi Pavilion

Phone: 02 8362 3400


Image: Line in the Sand, 1788, Damian Broomhead

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