About WAYS

Waverley Action for Youth Services (WAYS), with their purpose built facility at Bondi Beach, work with young people aged 9-24 years to create pathways to the future, achieved through a “one-stop shop” integrated model of service delivery providing services, specialist staff, programmes, activities and practical assistance.

Waverley Action Youth Services, WAYS, Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Their vision is to create “a community of young people, who are aware, informed, able to make healthy lifestyle choices about their education and vocational options; recreational activities; health and well being enabling their full participation in society”.

Focused predominantly on youth at risk, WAYS offers successful programs to achieve their goals including counselling, education, employment & training, mental health and general health and a host of facilities and engaging activities such as basketball, guitar lessons, parkour lessons, girls nights, music programs, fantastic youth events, computers, table tennis, movies and more.

Help in any way you can to ensure this incredible bondi-based service operates well into the future.