Happy Bondi Birthday!

happy anniversary birthday bonanza for atbondi.com

Happy Bondi Birthday to us!!

Yes, the atbondi.com baby was born on the first day of summer, 1st Dec, a year ago.

It was as exciting as flicking a switch, literally, but it was also the beginning of a fabulous life journey. Not in an I’ve-just-won-X-Factor kind of way, but pretty good regardless.

So I just wanted to send huge thanks to all of you who have supported atbondi.com with kind words, encouragement and visits to the website (over 20,000 uniques a month now).

Thanks also for all the Follows, Likes and Comments on Facebook, the Blog, Flickr, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest!

And a special shout out to those generous businesses who’ve either advertised or donated to the weekly giveaways. You’re my absolute BFFs. All of you.

Speaking of which, what better way to celebrate than to give! Yes, this week we have the atbondi.com (insert excitable cheesy voiceover) Mega Bonanza Bonus Birthday Giveaway.

We’ve given away over $7,500 worth of prizes to stacks of happy winners so far and to celebrate, there’s another 20 chances to win over $1,500 worth of local goodies this week!

Head here for details on how to enter

Yours in winning & grinning and humble thanks…

x andy


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