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Bondi Rescue Maxi Gonzo Mate V Mate at Bondi Beach for the Cancer Council NSW

Mate v Mate : Trent ‘Maxi’ Maxwell vs Troy ‘Gonzo’ Quinlan, by Cathy Stapleton, 26 Feb 2013

Try as you might, it’s hard to get a local to leave the ‘Bondi bubble’. When they do occasionally venture beyond familiar territory, you can be pretty sure there’s a good reason behind it.

Like fish out of water, Bondi Rescue boys ‘Maxi’ & ‘Gonzo’ will brave the trek out to Sydney Motorsport Park to take each other on in the Top Gear Festival Sydney MyPlates Star In a Reasonably Priced Car challenge (March 9 & 10).

Apart from living out every bloke’s dream to hang out with the Top Gear crew and tear around the race track at top speed, these guys do have an admirable reason (ahem…or a good excuse?!) for getting behind the wheel.

‘Maxi’ and ‘Gonzo’ will take each other on as part of Cancer Council’s new initiative to fight cancer in men.  Here they share their reason for getting behind ‘Mate v Mate’ (and share who got a post-recue rose on Valentine’s day…) Read more…

What is Mate v Mate about?

G : “Mate v Mate is to raise awareness about cancer in men. 1 in 2 Aussie men will now be diagnosed with cancer – and that’s too many. So we’ve got to do something about it!”

M : “If you think about it, that means it could be your or your mate and none of us want to see our mates go through something like cancer, so we’re hoping we can get more blokes to think about their health.”

You guys have been mates a while, did you meet on the job?

G : “We’ve both been lifeguarding together for quite a few years now with the rest of the boys but we met racing at the surfclub a few years before Maxi started.”

Is being mates an important part of the job?

M : “Obviously the job comes first, but it helps to know someone’s got your back. So you could definitely say it’s an important part of the job”.

About 5,000 rescues are carried out over the summer period each year in Bondi – that’s a lot of rescues! Have you guys done many rescues together?

G : “I remember a pretty close call once when we were in the tower and saw these two people going under”

M :  “Troy sped over in the rhino and I grabbed the board and raced out and just got ‘em in time. I’ll never forget the guy looking at me and saying ‘thank you for saving my life, I was gone’. That’s one of the reasons why I love this job”.

G : “Yeah people are generally pretty grateful and it’s a good feeling to help people.”

M : “Like when you got given a rose after your rescue on Valentine’s Day?”

G : “Ha ha yeah… I guess so. That was pretty cool.”

What would you say is your biggest motivation for getting involved with Mate v Mate and Cancer Council?

M : “My grandpa passed away last year to melanoma so I think it’s really important to remind people that they need to go and get checked.”

G : “My grandparents also both had cancer – one had melanoma and the other had prostate. My dad has also had melanoma and was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer so that was a pretty big motivation for me. It could happen to anyone.”

Who do you reckon will win the Top Gear challenge?

G : “Maxi’s pretty sure of himself but you never know!”

M : “Ha ha Gonz, you just keep telling yourself that mate. I’m gonna win and you know it.”

G : “Nah mate, we all know I’m going to win.”

If there was one message you could send about cancer in men what would it be?

M : “Just go and get a check up. It doesn’t’ take much time and could save your life”

G : “Don’t ignore something thinking it will go away – speak up and get it checked out!.”

M : “And we want to see heaps of Bondi locals doing their own challenges down on the beach too!”


Competition In Men: It’s a fact of life.

Competition is inherent in men. They challenge each other all the time – it’s part of their very nature.

With 52% of men considering themselves leaders within their group of mates and 26% believing they are ‘top dog’ it’s apparent that they can’t all be right. This inevitably leads to competition.

Here’s the lowdown:

- 60%  of guys believe that they are smarter than most of their mates
- 40% think they are stronger
- 40% think they are better at sports
- 38% think they are faster

Some of the most popular male challenges are:

- point scoring on kicking a ball (31%)
- backyard cricket (27%)
- swimming (18%)

- doing push ups (17%)
- competing over a girl (13%)
- fixing stuff (13%)
- bulking up (8%)

**Statistics provided by Lonergan Research

Mate v Mate kicks off on March 16 – March 24

Register a challenge with your mate and get your friends, family, colleagues to back you!

For more info on Top Gear Festival Sydney, visit


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