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Robert Kawalksy & Oliver Rozynski, Tonight in Bondi, Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW, Tonight APP

Keep your eye on these guys: Oliver Rozynski (L) & Robert Kawalsky (R).

The Bondi locals are the founders of hot new after dark social networking iPhone App Tonight, already Apple Australia’s #1 staff fave.

And they haven’t even officially launched yet.

Tonight in Bondi is the 3-day food, drink, music & party extravaganza kicking things off next week. Head here for details.

Here’s what Rob had to say about their savvy app, life in Bondi and the latest local hot spots:


1. What do you love most about living and working in Bondi?

I most love the randomness.  In Bondi nothing is out of place and yet you constantly find yourself being surprised. There’s a beautiful chaos to Bondi and this is an incredible gift for anyone whose work is creative and who wants to live life on the other side of ordinary.

2. Have you noticed much change in Bondi recently?

I think with Bondi the more things change, the more they stay the same. Even though a bunch of places have got facelifts recently, they still feel like home and are packed with the same crowd in which everyone knows other. That said, there definitely has been a surge in the number of new smaller bars and restaurants dotted around. It’s great that many of these have been opened by Bondi locals and even though they’re new, it kind of feels like they’ve always been there. I’ve personally loved discovering these places over the last few months and a big part of the Tonight in Bondi festival is to introduce people to new places, dishes and drinks which they may not have tried yet.

3. To what extent do you think the 2 big new developments will impact Bondi?

My hope is that these new developments complement Bondi’s diversity and provide a boost for local business by introducing a new group of residents to the area and broadening Bondi’s appeal generally. The risk is that developments such as these gentrify the beach and detract from the feeling of community we have at the moment. On balance I think Bondi’s character is strong enough to withstand such changes and come out stronger on the other end.

4. What makes Bondi Beach a great place to come for nightlife?

It’s great because anything goes and no matter what mood you’re in, somewhere in Bondi is perfectly tailored to satisfy it. A few quiet drinks, a big night, seriously delicious food, live music, whatever… it’s all here. Of course, there’s also the fact that you can wear thongs wherever you go and you just can’t put a price on that!

5. What makes Bondi different from other areas?

I think Bondi’s diversity separates it from other areas – it’s a village packed with such a variety of eclectic people. I love how many creative people are floating around, how backpackers and bankers live side by side, how there are new young families and older people who have lived here all their lives. There are surfers, skaters, hipsters, tradies, barista’s and fashionistas. You get a taste of everything.

6. How do you see the future of Bondi Beach?

Bondi Beach will always be a defining suburb of Sydney. It will continue to be a creative hub and a place to which travellers flock. I imagine the buildings will be a little taller and little shinier but the grassy knoll will still be an unbeatable place to spend a summer afternoon, the beach will continue to attract all walks of life and the nightlife venues will continue to keep evolving to satisfy our every whim.

7. Where are you heading out in Bondi this weekend?

This weekend will start like most others with a Saturday morning run on the beach and a smashed avo bagel at Harry’s. I’m grabbing dinner at Chapter One on Saturday night (tip: get Ben to pick your wine), followed by a few drinks at The Crossing and will then see where the night takes me…

8. What makes the Tonight App so great?

I think the greatest thing about the Tonight app is that unlike almost every other social networking app out there, Tonight has been designed for you to be social offline rather than online. Whether you get your kicks by going out or staying in, from good food, great music or interesting people, we have designed the Tonight app to help you squeeze the most out of every night.  The Tonight app not only lets you easily find out what your friends and other interesting people in your city are up to tonight, it also encourages you to really think about what you’re doing and this makes you way more likely to do something awesome.


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