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Isn’t it great to live in Bondi! Whether you’re a long-time local or are just thinking about the Big Move to the beach, here’s some information and contacts to help you out:


Council contacts

If you have any questions about living in bondi (such as rubbish collection days, services and safety) the Waverley Council are your go-to people.


Here’s a list of all the local pollies in the Bondi Ward, including the Mayor.

And here’s your bondi-based council contact for questions with a local focus:

Lorna Bussell

Bondi Beach Place Manager

Bondi Pavilion, Bondi Beach 2026

Ph:  02 8362 3406


Local action groups

Bondi Beach Precinct Committee: to raise concerns about your area.

Bondi Transition: passionate about environmental sustainability.


Local business

If you’re a bondi beach business owner or thinking of setting up your seaside shop, head to the Business page for helpful contacts, information and inspiration.


Meet the locals!

Meet some of the locals and discover what they have to say about our community.


Thinking of moving here?

Waverley Council offers lots of information on practical matters and life in the eastern suburbs and some of our local backpacker hostels have some great resourcesarrival kits and services too. And of course there’s plenty to peruse on our practical information page too.


Bondi tourism

People can get very protective of our little eclectic community enclave. But, you know what, you live in one of the most gorgeous places on earth (I know this to be true as I’ve travelled around our wonderful world and choose to live right here). So, people are going to visit. They are going to soak up the sun on our stunning beach, they’re going to have fun, use our services, shop in our stores, have a bevvy in our bars, laze in our parks and attend our events. They will bring energy, atmosphere, vibrancy (and money). Yes, they will sometimes drive here and have to park, they may leave their damn water bottles on the beach and lord knows they will clog up the coastal walk on a sunny weekend during Sculpture by the Sea.

Sometimes you’ll have to just suck it up (if you’re a Sunday coastal jogger in November), sometimes you’ll have to be patient (and queue for ice-cream in summer) and sometimes you’ll have to take action and protect our environment and community health and safety.

But, most of all, you’ll just have to get used to it. Bondi Beach is BEAUTIFUL. People will come. Be proud, be positive and be nice – one day you might visit someone’s else’s gorgeous part of the world and expect the same…


Got something to say?

One thing I know for sure is that people around here are passionate. If you have something to ask or say, feel free to let loose (in a friendly tone) on the form below.

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