Graffiti & Street Art

bondi graffiti street art stencil by Shannon Crees at bondi, bondi beach, sydney

While some residents reel at the mere mention of graffiti, I think it adds to our gorgeously gritty village vibe.

While there is endless publicly-sanctioned and accessible street art around town, its bondi’s backstreet handiwork that I love the most (sorry fun police).

While I’m not a huge fan of tagging, graffiti and street art, throughout history, have provided a voice, outlet for expression and sense of belonging for many community members not partial to exhibiting in exclusive galleries. And I believe we all benefit from that.

bondi street art, 2026 marsha meredith, atbondi, bondi beach, bondi, sydney, nsw, australia, andy solo

In fact, such is my love of street art, I’ve dedicated a specific gallery to it. It features works from the bondi seawall to small laneway stencils and everything in between. It shows current artworks to those long-drowned in layers of paint. And aims to celebrate all efforts of artistic expression.

Full respect and thanks to all featured artists in the street art gallery (click on the ‘graffiti & street art’ tab at the top) and those working both publicly and quietly to make our community more vibrant and expressive.