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Bondi Doing Good

Surf Patrol lifeguard training at Bondi Beach, Sydney NSW Australia Andy Solo

Some people revel in the stock market, others have a passion for cooking, accounting floats some boats and crafting a cashmere cardigan is the domain of a creative few. I’ve had a long-term passion for the wellbeing of society and have worked for many years in the philanthropic and community sector. That’s just how I [...]

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Bondi Reconciliation

Reconciliation Week in Bondi 2013, Indigenous event for Aboriginal people Sydney

It’s Reconciliation Week from 27 May – 3 June 2013 and this year’s theme is Let’s Talk Recognition. In the spirit of ‘talking’, I found this great website that is chock full of interesting facts and perspectives from Indigenous Australians. Some of these that stood out for me are: – Over 3 in 4 Indigenous [...]

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Reconciliation Week 2012

National Reconciliation Week events and activities at Bondi Beach Sydney NSw

I have a long family history and deep connection with our First People. Reconciliation Week provides a chance to focus on that bond, widen my learning, deepen my understanding and turn my thoughts to practical measures for a better future via reconciliation. Indigenous Australians were still present in Bondi Beach in the late 1800s and [...]

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