The Bondi Pavilion

The Bondi Pavilion under glowing night lights at Bondi Beach Sydney NSW pic by Andy Solo

Overlooking the beach in prime central position, sits the iconic Bondi Pavilion.

It has morphed many times from the early 1900s, but has always figured large in the local landscape. It has housed everything from a military club to kids capoeira classes, from bathing sheds to ballrooms.

The Pav is the proud centrepiece for most local events. It showcases superb art in the Gallery, cutting-edge shows in the Theatre and shines at night with glittering lights in winter.

But the harsh light of day exposes sadly neglected and underutilised spaces. And, ugh, don’t get me started on the toilets…

This will all change once the new Plan of Management is finalised over the coming months. Have you had your say? Here’s the Council’s 5-10 min survey to complete.

If you find filling out a government survey about as exciting as, well, filling out a government survey, you can send a direct email to and rant on about anything you like!

(Note: bondipom refers to ‘Bondi Plan of Management’, not the local British backpackers. Those crazy cats at the Council…).

From what I understand, the majority of community views put forth so far centre around restrictions from concerned citizens…”ditch the debaucherous Bucket List, no volleyball on the beach, no outdoor seating, further restrict local licensing”, etc. So, for the love of fun in the sun, please have your say or we’ll be stuck with the consequences for 10 years!

Read a bit more about the grand ol’ dame here.

Yours in Pavilion politics…

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The rear view of the Pavilion at Bondi Beach Sydney NSW pic by Andy SoloReflection on the Pavilion rear view and amphitheatre at Bondi Beach Sydney pic by Andy Solo

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