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Bondi Beach is synonymous with tourism and both are a passion of mine. And research and statistics (sad but true). This Bondi & Tourism document provides an incredibly intriguing couple of pages of facts and figures or here’s a Bondi Backgrounder for those who want the basics on prettier pages.


Tourism links

Here’s a list of tourism sites that you may find helpful:

Destination NSW

Visit NSW

Discover Sydney

Australian Travel Directory Australia

Australian Travel Guide & Holiday Services


Tourism contact

Though Waverley Council doesn’t have a specific Tourism Manager, you can contact the following council employee for assistance or information on Bondi Beach:

Lorna Bussell

Bondi Beach Place Manager

Bondi Pavilion, Bondi Beach 2026

Ph:  02 8362 3406


Or please feel free to contact me directly at or use the form below. Though I’m not employed by anyone to assist in tourism matters per se, I have a degree in Travel & Tourism Management and postgraduate qualifications in Communication & Cultural Studies so will help if I can!

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