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For fellow statistic-buffs here’s the full bondi beach demographics.

On 9 August 2011 we had our once-every-5-years Census. Here’s a summary of the latest riveting data…

- There were 10,748 residents in Bondi Beach

- The average age is 33 (4 years below the Oz average) and slightly more males (51.5%).

- The largest proportion of families in Bondi Beach are couples without children (54.7%).

- Only 47.3%  residents were born in Australia. The other top responses for country of birth were England 9%, NZ 4.3%, Ireland 2.5%, South Africa 2.2% and USA 1.5%.

- 25.2% of people are married, 62.7% have never married and 7.5% are separated/divorced.

- As of 2011, 17.2% of homes are fully owned and 60.1% of homes are rented.

- I don’t know whether its on official records but I’m pretty sure we also have the highest number of parties-per-hot-summer-Saturday-night of any other Sydney precinct.