Gay & Lesbian

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Gay, lesbian & transgender

Like most of Sydney, bondi beach is gay-friendly. I’d say downright gay-welcoming-with-wide-open-arms myself. While other parts of Sydney may have a bigger and better reputation for gay & lesbian & transgender culture, we’ve certainly got a lot to offer with a great mix of events, food, fashion and fun. Here’s a taste…

- Who could resist this fine example of fun in the sun?

- If you’re here in March, make sure you head to bondi beach for the annual Mardi Gras Drag Race. Who wouldn’t want to watch Handbag Discus!

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- If you’re a gay surfer (or want to be) check this out.

And a random real world review of bondi beach (Jan 2010)…

“The further North you go the gayer it gets! American boy living in Sydney here. The whole beach isn’t gay…South Bondi (like bond-eye) is mostly heterosexuals and families. Best beach in Sydney for seeing hot boys, the gay ones anyway. Mix of mostly gay men, lots of young toned guys but some bears and “Muscle Marys” (their word) too. A bit far away from Bondi’s main drag but the area surrounding north bondi is more like an up-and-coming gay village with good, trendy restaurants starting to open up. If you’re here during “Gay Mardi Gras” pride in March, they have cool events on the beach. It’s personally my favorite beach in Sydney along with neighbouring Tamarama (also known as “Glamor-ama”) which is not as gay or as touristy as north bondi but is still popular with gay men”.