Local: Cedar

Meet the Locals - Cedar


All up, how many years have you lived in bondi?

All my life – 2 years


Your favourite local place for a tea or coffee?

Jeds – I love Roberto’s Babychino


Your favourite local place for a meal?

Sushi Train


Your favourite local event or festival?

Festival of the Winds


Your bondi ‘happy’ place?

North Bondi rockpool


Your favourite local activity?

Riding my scooter to the skatepark, checking out the skaters and then playing on the beach


A bondi service you recommend?

Gymbaroo at the Bondi Pavilion


Your favourite part of the bondi natural environment?

The beach, the beach, the beach


Any community groups you belong to?

Wairoa St Mothers Group circa 2009


Your favourite local place to meet friends?

The play park at the Pavilion


Where would you take a first-time visitor to bondi?

The north end of the beach


What’s your favourite thing about living in bondi?

The beach, baby chino’s and fruit buns from the Organic Bakery on Glenayr Ave


What would you like improved in bondi?

I would like to see more Fire Engines on the streets at all times