Local: Chaquira

Meet the Locals - Chaquira


All up, how many years have you lived in bondi?

Around 12 years.


Your favourite local place for a tea or coffee?

Skinny Dip, it does the best hot chocolates and they sprinkle shredded pieces of chocolate on top.


Your favourite local place for a meal?

Fastfood – Oportos, its sooo gooood. Otherwise i love Papa Giovani’s, Mamasan and Bondi FM café (i love the vibe of the resteraunt!).


Your favourite local place for a drink?

BOOST or 7eleven for their yummy slushies.


Your favourite place to shop in bondi?

General Pants! And Sunburn.


Your favourite season in bondi?

Spring/Summer – Spring is nice because its hot but it isnt really humid although it hasn’t been very nice lately. Summer is always hot and I’m a beach person so i always want it to be hot!


Your favourite local event or festival?

Openair Festival. They play a range of movies at the pavilion on a big screen under the stars. Its great!


Your bondi ‘happy’ place?

I dont necessarily have a ‘happy’ place.. i love everything about bondi. But if i had to say somewhere it would be my house. Its a 5 minute walk to the beach and the restaraunts.


Your bondi ‘spiritual’ spot?

I love the rocks at north Bondi because if you go right around you know Bondi’s there but you have a nice quiet beautiful place which is just the ocean and you.


Your favourite local activity?

SWIMMING – i go to the beach as much as i can.


A bondi service you recommend?

My favourite hairdresser shutdown a few months ago.. Spring dental is a good dentist.


Your favourite part of the bondi natural environment?

The beach


Your favourite local place to meet friends?

We usually meet at McDonalds or my house because they’re both close.


Do you take any local lessons?

I used to do pottery at the Pavilion. I do guitar lessons now.


Where would you take a first-time visitor to bondi?

The first place i would want to do is touch the Bondi water!


What’s your favourite thing about living in bondi?

I love Bondi all together. The vibe and community is great. Where i live, i know all the owners of shops and say hello and just being close to school, friends and of course the beach.


What would you like improved in bondi?

They’re making it too fancy! i think its being too improved. There isnt really anything to be improved from my point of view.


Anything else you’d like to add?

Visit the life guards!