Local: Dan


All up, how many years have you lived in bondi?

I am one of the few people who was born in Bondi and still live here. I have travelled all over the world and love to live and work overseas but I always come back and I call Bondi home.


Your favourite local place for a tea or coffee?

I love Gertrude & Alice and The Favourite Child. They always have great coffee and I love the atmosphere.


Your favourite local place for a meal?

North Bondi Italian for sure. The food is fresh and simple, the view is sensational and the staff are great.


Your favourite local place for a drink?

Mamsan. They have an amazing range of Sake… Not the rubbish that gets imported into Oz normally. The real deal. I spent a lot of time in Japan and became a bit obsessed by the subtleties of Sake. My favourite one is “Smells Like Old Man”. BTW the food here is sensational! Make sure you try the “One Bite Beef Steak” and the “Mamasan Oysters”.


Your favourite place to shop in bondi?

Captain Billy’s Crab Shack Skate Shop… I have a collection of old school skateys and always keep an eye on what comes through the door.


Your favourite season in bondi?

Winter for sure! Surf is bigger, offshore winds prevail and there are smaller crowds. That said I love the madness of summer, the beauty of spring and the wind-down of autumn.


Your favourite local event or festival?

Festival of the Winds… It just makes me happy! When I was a kid I used to look forward to it all year. I sort of feel like it’s my festival. It’s awesome taking my own son there now.


Your bondi ‘happy’ place?

Sitting out the back with a couple of mates… If you are lucky the dolphins come to surf with you. Keeps ya buzzing for a week.


Your bondi ‘spiritual’ spot?

See above. I think surfing is my religion. I never feel more at peace than when I’m surfing.


Your favourite local activity?

See above… Surfing! I’m also quite partial to the big bondi skate bowl although I thoroughly suck at it.


A bondi service you recommend?

Palm Traditional Thai massage. After a second surf it’s always good to get one. A nice way to wind down. Also they make a great tea.


Your favourite part of the bondi natural environment?

I’m repeating myself now… the waves. Recently on small days we’ve been paddling from Bronte to Bondi. As you go around the head at Mckenzies Bay it is possible to feel like you’re the only person on the planet. Very cool and wild out there.


Any community groups you belong to?

No… But our little community in our block of units is pretty good. Four of us surf, there are a bunch of kids and we have BBQs together sometimes. It’s great.


Your favourite local place to meet friends?

The promenade for a walk. Always a nice place to catch up.


Where would you take a first-time visitor to bondi?

Ben Buckler point offers a great view south down the coast all the way to Maroubra. It’s pretty spectacular.


What’s your favourite thing about living in bondi?

The surf, the people, the madness and the calm. Theres a bit of everything.


Any bondi secret spots or tips you’d be happy to share?

The Gould Street shopping precinct is a million times better than Campbell Parade! Just one street back and it’s a whole new world. Awesome shops, great cafes, etc.


What would you like improved in bondi?

The council really sux… They constantly increase rates and parking for residents costs a bomb. They stifle development. It is a shame such an amazing place has an obstructionist group of self interested counsellors. Why aren’t they out there promoting alfresco dining, street art, street music and festivals. There is something broken there. I’d love to see a changing of the guard.


Anything else you’d like to add?

Make sure you check out the yummy organic bakery on Glenayr and definitely have a Sake or Japanese beer at Mamasan.