Local: Adrianne


Adrianne, Bondi Beach Local, atbondi, bondi beach, sydney, nsw, australia


All up, how many years have you lived in bondi?



Your favourite local place for a tea or coffee?

Luigis, Blue Orange


Your favourite local place for a meal?

Mamasan, Bondi Tratt


Your favourite local place for a drink?

The Crossing


Your favourite place to shop in bondi?

Gould St


Your favourite season in bondi? Why?

Summer, derr!!


Your favourite local event or festival?

Festival of the Winds


Your bondi ‘happy’ place?

The beach, north end


Your bondi ‘spiritual’ spot?

The beach


Your favourite local activity?

Walking, catching up with friends


A bondi service you recommend?

Deep Holistic Massage, Hall St


Your favourite part of the bondi natural environment?

The beach


Your favourite local place to meet friends?

Our place


Do you take any local lessons?



Where would you take a first-time visitor to bondi?

The Beach, Icebergs


What’s your favourite thing about living in bondi?

The eclectic community, the culture, the water


What would you like improved in bondi?

Parking, better range of services


Anything else you’d like to add?

Street parties in Gould Street!