Local: Andy

andy solo at bondi


All up, how many years have you lived in bondi?

16 years (with some travel on and off)


Your favourite local place for a tea or coffee?

Cafe Zohara


Your favourite local place for a meal?



Your favourite local place for a drink?

North Bondi Italian balcony or Icebergs Bar with a view


Your favourite place to shop in bondi?

U-Turn Recycled Fashion & Sunday Bondi Markets


Your favourite season in bondi?

Spring. Cool, fresh and fun…


Your favourite local event or festival?

Sculpture by the Sea & Festival of the Winds


Your bondi ‘happy’ place?

My sunrise stretch on the South Bondi Beach lookout.


Your favourite local activity?

Saturday morning coffee and stroll with my boys.


Any bondi service you recommend?

Inch Hair Designs & Palm Traditional Thai Massage (strictly speaking it’s Bondi Rd not Bondi Beach but worth a stroll up the hill!)


Your favourite part of the bondi natural environment?

The Bondi Coastal Walk and diving through a sun-filled wave.


Your favourite local place to meet friends?

Fish & chips on the grass knoll at north bondi beach.


Where would you take a first-time visitor to bondi?

Coastal walk, Icebergs Bar & a back street tour of Bondi.


What’s your favourite thing about living or operating in bondi?

Close community, fresh air, inspiring lifestyle & a wonderful sense of home.