Religion & Politics

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Well, bondi is certainly a fine spot to grab a bottle of red and discuss religion and politics!



Here are the religion stats from the 2006 census, including a comparison of Bondi Beach against the rest of Sydney…

Top 3 – Bondi Beach Bondi Beach Sydney Region
1. Catholic 18.2% 29.3%
2. Anglican 9.9% 16.8%
3. Judaism 7.9% 0.9%
Totals – Bondi Beach
Christian Total 34.8% 63.2%
Non Christian Total 10.8% 11.7%
No Religion 21.0% 14.1%
Inadequately Described 1.2% 0.6%
Not Stated 32.2% 10.4%

So. Compared to the rest of the Sydney region, I think we can safely say we’re a big fat bunch of non-believers who don’t like to fill out forms properly and probably at least know somebody of the Jewish faith. For the record, I proudly listed my religion as a Jedi Knight (my surname is Solo after all).



Like the easygoing bunch of friendlies we are, we gave all main political candidates a crack at the last local elections. This means we have a balanced representation of parties (how they managed to manipulate the word ‘party’ into political vernacular is beyond me). Anyway, below are our current local reps in the Bondi Ward:


Dominic Wy Kanak


(ph): 02 9130 8460


Joy Clayton


(ph) 02 9130 8430

(m) 0409 308 430


John Wakefield

Labour (and local Mayor)

(m) 0427 023 987


Please note there is also a committed cluster of rally-loving residents that like to have their say and ‘keep the bastards honest’. If you’d like to join the voice of bondi beach, you’re encouraged to attend one of the regular Bondi Precinct meetings. Here’s where you can find out extra info and dates.