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Besides the obvious allure of our attention-grabbing beach, one of the greatest features of bondi is the marvellous melting pot mish-mash of our community members. From fashionistas to freaks, Jews to Jamaicans, gung-ho grommets to golden oldies. Yep, we’ve got it all.

This diversity results in a fabulous fusion of creativity, vibrancy and celebration of individuality. Bondi beach recently made it into the top 5 Sydney destinations for event & festival awareness (and of course we were clear winners when it came to association with the beach).

Check out our events page showcasing our various cultural celebrations.


Here’s a few distinct bondi beach subcultures that I’m aware of. Feel free to comment (be nice please) or add your own.

- Surfers (from grommets to grandfolk)

- Skaters (thanks to the awesome local skate park) (see Bowl-A-Rama)

- Musicians (see eventscourses)

- Artists (see Bondi Pavilion Gallery)

- Jews (a large, vibrant local community)

- Brazilians (I swear there’s a Capoeira demo on every week) (awesome)

- Russians (google local legend Dimitri on YouTube. Go on, I dare you)

- Pop culture (Bondi Rescue, Bondi Vet, The Block, etc)

- Celebrity (is it a subculture, technically? It seems to be in Bondi anyway)

- Flocks (my affectionate name for the smiling, camera-wielding flocks of clothed beach visitors on bus tours) (seriously funny stuff if they unexpectedly cop a rogue wave on the shoreline).

- Hipsters (once described as ‘someone that tries to be hip by non-conforming to the counter-non-conformist’).

- Golden Oldies (the bronzed long-term residents who positively glow with health) (but who hopefully get skin cancer checks on a regular basis)

Golden oldie heading out to the surf, bondi beach, sydney, new, australia

- Midriffs (local gals of all ages with the ability and inclination to constantly expose their toned midriffs) (you need to be seriously comfortable in your own skin to live here amongst them).

- Glam Fams (young families whose children confidently order smoked salmon on Sonoma sourdough (“hold the lemon please”) at their local café).

- Street Artists (check out Bondi Graffiti)

- Backpackers (well, ‘flashpackers’ mostly on account of the vast array of things to spend your money on here).


And a brief shout out to the mythical Maori community…its amazing how much their presence has persisted over the years, despite the majority of our fine Kiwi cousins shifting out decades ago.