Health & Safety

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Not much to say here really. Bondi beach is a pretty laid back place with the odd backpacker dope bust probably the foremost felony. And, as I write this, a large naked lady is walking down the street attracting a bit of police attention. Yep, big time crime people. If you do get in a spot of bother though, contact the local fuzz, found smack in the centre of town on the corner of Gould and Roscoe Streets.



Besides some severe cases of Scottish Sunburn and Dire Drunkenness, both the visitors and locals of bondi beach are a pretty healthy lot. The fresh air, glorious surrounds and clear weather inspire an active outdoor lifestyle and the options to indulge are many and varied. The water is delicious, the food fresh and there’s not much a swim in the salty ocean water can’t fix. For those who do go downhill for some reason, head to either Curlewis Street Health or Bondi Family Health. Search for dentists, chemists, physios, natural health practitioners and so forth here.



On a serious note, the surf is where you can get into real trouble. Many underestimate the power of the bondi waves and currents and the local lifeguards are constantly dragging people to safety. And, honestly people, it’s much easier just to saunter up to the famous Bondi Rescue lads for a chat rather than getting your ugly noggin on tv by risking your life flailing around in the froth. And, again, sunscreen people. Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world for good reason.



May to September: 8am – 5pm
Late September to start of daylight saving October: 6am – 6pm
Late October to end of daylight saving March: 6am – 7pm
April: 6am – 6pm

The volunteer lifesavers wear red and yellow uniforms and assist the lifeguards on the beach on weekends and public holidays during the summer period. There are two surf life saving clubs on Bondi Beach: the Bondi Surf Bathers’ Life Saving Club and the North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club.



Also, (and this is unashamedly targeted at our Pommy pals), here are some stats regarding your risk of a shark attack.  You are…

- 33,000 times more likely to die in a road accident

- 3,000 times more likely to die from skin cancer

- 300 times more likely to drown

…than be killed by a shark.



Health & Safety, atbondi, bondi beach, bondi, sydney, nsw, australia, andy solo