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With only a handful of addresses in the world rating higher for ‘walkability’, click on the map below to explore the hot-foot heaven that is bondi beach…


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Getting around

Bondi beach is a walker’s paradise. It’s flat, fabulous and fanned by ocean breezes. Most cafes, shops and sights are centred on or just back from the beach with gentle slopes at both ends of town for stunning ocean viewing.

Buses run from one end of the village to the other if you’re in a hurry or perhaps hire a bike. Go retro hip with a gorgeous bike from Bondi Beach Cruisers (details here). Scooters, skateboards, rollerskates or surfboards are also options for more active types.


Getting here

Being a veritable visitor magnet and home to over 10,000 locals, bondi beach is well serviced by various forms of transport. The average travel times to and from Bondi Junction are as follows:


Bondi Beach – Bondi Junction

Car:      5-10 mins

Bus:     10-15 mins

Walk:  40-45 mins



Buses continue to/from Bondi Junction to the city but most commuters continue their journey by train which takes a mere 10mins. Look up bus maps and timetables for routes 333, 380, 318, 382, X84, Bondi Explorer, 389, X89 at or use the trip planner below. Note: many buses in the area are pre-paid only. You can purchase blue “travel ten” tickets from most convenience stores, which gives you 10 trips at a discount rate.



Though there have been plans, proposals (and hell-raising protests) about extending the rail network to bondi beach, there are currently no tracks beyond bondi junction. All trains from ‘The Jungo’ head via Kings Cross to the city every 3mins during peak hour and up to 10mins on weekends and other times of the day. For all your train timetables and trivia head to or use the planner below.



Yes, ferries! If you have wheels of some description, why not journey from bondi beach to Rose Bay along the picturesque O’Sullivan Rd and partake in one of the most stunning ferry journeys in Sydney. There’s a bike path the whole way, a car park at the ferry wharf or just tuck your skatey under your arm and embark! Express ferries will get you to Circular Quay before you can say this-is-the-most-stunning-city-in-the-world or enjoy the slow boat and savour the journey during a captivating 20 minute view-fest.



There’s a taxi stand outside the train station at Bondi Junction for those wanting a speedy and easy arrival to our sunny shores. Cost is about $5-10 depending on traffic. City to/from bondi beach is generally $20-30 and to the airport, about 14km away, and will set you back about $35-45 for a 20-30min trip. Try on 133 300 or their iPhone app mTaxi which is fabulously easy.



Yep, limos (or Hire Cars to some). Sometimes it’s cheaper than a taxi, sometimes it’s for fun, sometimes it’s for sheer safety (just ask Reece and RPatz). These guys also service the airport without any pre-bookings



If flying the Sydney skies, probably the best and cheapest ($12-15) way to get to/from bondi beach is on the Super Shuttle who do hourly pick ups between 5am – 6pm. or call 1300 739 766. Trains will take you to/from Bondi Junction with 1 change at Central or bus #400 will work too but both options are usually more expensive and convoluted than the shuttle option.



Though we’re a big fan of more environmentally-friendly options, if you simply must have a vehicle, there are the usual car rental companies on offer. These guys have free shuttle transfers from the airport and are a popular choice. You can also register with a car share company such as which have about 10 cars scattered throughout bondi beach. Oh, and our international friends, please try really hard to drive on the left hand side of the road!



The local Sydney councils hate campers. You have been warned. I’ve personally spent more than a year living this life and there’s nothing quite like the freedom, fun and fascination it brings. Wicked Campers seem to be the go at the mo and provide endless artistic satisfaction to your appreciative roadside audience (or outright outrage to the uptight).


Trip Planner

For your one-stop-transport-shop for travel throughout NSW call the info line on 131500 or go to for an advanced travel planner, maps and additional info on service delays, late night transport, bike locker hire, sms options, secure taxi ranks and so forth.