Money & Tipping

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Bring lots of money to bondi beach. End of story. You can get away with not spending a cent if you’re daytripping down the beach, arriving by bus and bringing your own lunch but, really, that’s not much fun now is it? If you’re here on the weekend, there’s the fabulous Farmers Markets on Sat for some fresh gourmet grub or the arty crafty Bondi Markets all day Sun for some wonderful local wares. There’s over 300 ground level eateries and retail stores showcasing boutique local fashion, surf goods and giftware and serving up a plethora of fresh local fare. Or melt your cares away with a massage, funk it up with a new tattoo or get all sporty with a surf lesson. Head to the Directory for more inspiring options.



Tipping is expected in local cafes, restaurants and hotels but it really is more experience-based than, say, the US. If you receive bad food and service you don’t have to tip (or, trust me, if you want to actively offend just leave 5 cents). If you receive great service (most likely) tipping 10% is a good guide, for exceptional service, go for gold! Note that many eateries include a tipping surcharge on the weekend – no need to add extra unless you were totally moved by the whole experience. Note: you’ll probably have to just chill out a bit on sunny weekends – kick back and enjoy the slower pace of a sultry seaside village instead of giving in to uptight angst.


money and tipping at bondi, bondi beach, sydney, nsw, australia